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Good to Know: The Body Shop Malaysia Launches Online Shopping App


It’s literally a few days from Christmas and I feel like an exhausted elf working in the North Pole. While buying gifts and wrapping them are fun, I have to admit that it can really take its toll on me, physically. In fact, I’m typing this at 1:30 in the morning after finishing up another batch of gifts.

However, I just know that I had to log in real quick here to share with you some good news. The Body Shop here in Malaysia has launched an online shopping app! You know what this means, right? You can now shop for your favourite shower gels and body butters on the go!


Foodie Adventures: The Best of D Legends Bar's 2016 Menu

D Legends Bar, Kuala Lumpur, TTDI, Taman Tun, Drinks, Bar, Restaurant, Comfort Food

Back when I was in uni, my friends and I had a special hang out. It was a stone’s throw away from our building, in one of the tiny alleys along Dapitan. A totally chill place where, whatever time of day I go, I will definitely find some of my friends there. The menu was simple, the drinks were easy on my measly student allowance.

Having a go-to place is pretty standard. Especially if, like me, you enjoy a good drink and great company. Had a great day? Round up the gang for some drinks and celebrate. Had a bad day? Round up the gang for some drinks and get over it. Life is simple when you want it to be, no?

Recently, my friend Pita and I were introduced to a new go-to for when we want to unwind. A neighbourhood hangout if you will.

Located in TTDI, D Legends Bar is a place that you may be quick to dismiss since it’s surrounded by tons of choices. After all, this neighbourhood has a reputation for having establishments that are approved by local food snobs. Word of advice, my fellow expats: Do not argue with Malaysians about food. They know their stuff.

Although I do believe that this is one establishment you should try when you’re in the area. It’s approved by locals, and expats living in the area are fond of it as well. The great price points are a huge plus as well.


Expat Life: Trying out Haftarent – Malaysia’s Hassle-Free and Long Term AirBnB

** This is a review of the service. For my article about Haftarent on Forbes, click here.

Being married to a diplomat, I’ve been thrusted into a life that entails periodic moves for the next couple of decades. Not that I’m complaining but I have to be honest here: While moving to a different country may be a fun adventure, the moving process itself is stressful. Those who tell you otherwise, are lying.

All the farewell dinners you have to be in where you’ll feel sad knowing that it will be a while before you see your family and friends, the tedious packing, the journey, and finally arriving at your destination – these can really take their toll on your energy reserves. When we arrived in Malaysia, there was the flat hunting to consider, the furniture, how we would decorate our home, and settling in. Again, fun yet tiring.

We got lucky that our embassy has a go-to landlord and once my husband and I visited the units in his building, we fell in love with the location, the size of the unit, and the view. (A separate post on moving, flat hunting, and buying furniture in KL coming up!)

That part was easy for us, thank goodness. A lot of expats in Malaysia, however, are not as lucky. I’ve heard of flat hunting that took from several days to weeks and people who had to deal with inconsistent deposits.

I was recently introduced to a new service that a lot of expats and diplomats can use for convenience. Haftarent is a service that connects landlords to possible renters and all transactions are done online. I tried it out last month and here’s how the experience went:

Booking and checking in

Booking through the site was a breeze and so was check in during a sunny weekday. I was met by one of Haftarent’s people at the lobby of Vipod Residences where the unit I will be staying in was located. I chose this building among the properties listed on the site due to its location. It’s along Jalan Kia Peng, a street that’s a few minutes from Pavilion Mall, the KL Convention Centre, Suria KLCC, and the Petronas Towers.

Also, I was quite curious with this building. Alvin and I considered renting here but after seeing our current unit, we never looked back. Later on, a Singaporean diplomat told us that her unit in Vipod (which is a new building, only a few years old) has cockroaches. I still went for the Vipod property though since I heard they have a gorgeous pool. I was praying not to see roaches as we went up as I am deathly afraid of them.

Spoiler alert: No roaches. Whew! Thanks goodness for neat landlords.

When I arrived, this is what welcomed me:




Jewellery: The Allove Diamond

Allove, Allove Diamond, Diamond, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SK, Engagement Ring, Jewellery, Launch,


Marilyn Monroe once said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I’m not that shallow but I will have to admit that they are pretty and an un-boring investment to boot. 😉

I was recently invited to the launch of SK Jewellery’s new diamond. Aptly called Allove, what makes this 81-facet rock unique is the perfect pattern of 10 hearts and 10 arrows on it.

Allove vs Ordinary Diamond


Foodie Adventures: Hard Rock Café’s Hollywood Burger and the World Burger Tour 2016

Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur, Hard Rock, Burger, Hollywood Burger, Promotion, Special Menu, World Burger Tour, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur, Hard Rock, Burger, Hollywood Burger, Promotion, Special Menu, World Burger Tour, 2016

God made burgers on a day when people were all feeling sad and he wanted to cheer everyone up. #NotATrueStory but it certainly feel like it is. Just like my friend Pita, I can never say no to a good burger. That’s why we only had one answer to Hard Rock Café’s invitation to check out the World Burger Tour‘s stop in KL – hell, yes!


Beauty + Skin Care: How I got my horrendous breakout under control

Ido's Clinic, Sumuzu Hair Removal, Beauty, Treatment, Beauty Clinic, Aesthetic Clinic, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia, Idos Clinic,

So I’ve been going on and on recently about how there have been so many changes in my lifestyle recently and how it’s been affecting my skin. It’s been a gruelling couple of months due to these changes but now that it’s gotten a lot better, I’m happy to share with you the details on how I got through them!


Beauty + Review: Let’s Talk Hair Removal – Sumuzu Treatment

Ido's Clinic, Sumuzu Hair Removal, Beauty, Treatment, Beauty Clinic, Aesthetic Clinic, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia, Idos Clinic,

**TMI Post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, no prudes please.**

Unwanted body hair has always been the bane of my existence. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But really, unwanted hair removal is something that I’ve dabbled with for years.

Being half-European and half-Asian, I was born with crazy hair growth rates. I came out with a full head of hair and through the years, I realised that it only takes literally months for me to go from having a bob to medium-length hair. I grew my bob into waist-length hair in less than a year, I tell you.

And while I’m happy with the close to bionic hair growth rate I have for my head, I would have to admit that body hair wise, it’s the same. And it’s not as fun.