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Skin & Hair Care: Tansan Magic's Soda Spa Foam and Sparkling Gelee (Review + Contest)



As somebody who often writes about beauty, I get approached to try out new products quite often. To be honest, nothing much surprises or even piques my interest these days as things tend to get a bit repetitive in the beauty scene.

There, I said it.

Quite a number of times, I’ve encountered products that seem promising but end up being gimmicky – much to my disappointment. So I end up not writing about them because they’re just a waste of time and effort.

Recently, however, I got to know of Japanese beauty company Tansan Magic. At first, I was quite reluctant due to my said experience with some gimmicky products these past few months that left me in a beauty rut. But knowing that the Japanese do beauty products  and treatments really well, I thought of giving it a go.

I was sent the Soda Spa Foam and the Sparkling Gelee – two products that you can use both on your skin and hair to make them squeaky clean and hydrated. Just two of the things I truly need on a daily basis.


Beauty + Review: Indeed Labs Hydraluron (Moisturising) Skincare Range

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I often complain about my dry skin here on the blog and in real life. If you know me personally, I bet you would be so tired of hearing it by now. However, it is my main skin problem (along with dark under-eye circles) so I do tend to fixate on it.

Whenever a product comes out that promises to provide my skin with more hydration and elasticity, I immediately want to try it and see whether it would work wonders. It’s a never ending cycle in my life to be honest.

During the past few months, a couple of beauty blogger friends have been telling me about Canadian brand Indeed Labs and their skin care range. I’ve heard so much about it from them so it was only a matter of time till I try it. And so I did. I took a break from the Guerisson Horse Oil Cream I’ve been using for approximately 3 weeks during late November up to early December and tried out Indeed Labs’ Hydraluron Skin Care Range.