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Skin & Hair Care: Tansan Magic's Soda Spa Foam and Sparkling Gelee (Review + Contest)



As somebody who often writes about beauty, I get approached to try out new products quite often. To be honest, nothing much surprises or even piques my interest these days as things tend to get a bit repetitive in the beauty scene.

There, I said it.

Quite a number of times, I’ve encountered products that seem promising but end up being gimmicky – much to my disappointment. So I end up not writing about them because they’re just a waste of time and effort.

Recently, however, I got to know of Japanese beauty company Tansan Magic. At first, I was quite reluctant due to my said experience with some gimmicky products these past few months that left me in a beauty rut. But knowing that the Japanese do beauty products  and treatments really well, I thought of giving it a go.

I was sent the Soda Spa Foam and the Sparkling Gelee – two products that you can use both on your skin and hair to make them squeaky clean and hydrated. Just two of the things I truly need on a daily basis.


Beauty + Hair: Drying Natural Curls without Losing Volume

Curls, Drying Natural Curls, Hair Dryer, Philips, Thermoprotect, Ionic, Hair Styling

Back with a new hair video! So excited to share this with you guys. 🙂 A lot of my friends use to see me often out and about with wet hair because drying takes over three hours! Who has time to wait around at home, right?

I’m sharing my quick dry process to you guys today. It takes 15 minutes tops and I’m still able to retain volume throughout the day.

The Philips Thermoprotect Ionic Hair Dryer is available in Malaysia. Check out the Philips Malaysia website for more information.

More later.



*Hairdryer sponsored by Philips Malaysia

Beauty + Review: Let’s Talk Hair Removal – Sumuzu Treatment

Ido's Clinic, Sumuzu Hair Removal, Beauty, Treatment, Beauty Clinic, Aesthetic Clinic, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia, Idos Clinic,

**TMI Post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, no prudes please.**

Unwanted body hair has always been the bane of my existence. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But really, unwanted hair removal is something that I’ve dabbled with for years.

Being half-European and half-Asian, I was born with crazy hair growth rates. I came out with a full head of hair and through the years, I realised that it only takes literally months for me to go from having a bob to medium-length hair. I grew my bob into waist-length hair in less than a year, I tell you.

And while I’m happy with the close to bionic hair growth rate I have for my head, I would have to admit that body hair wise, it’s the same. And it’s not as fun.


Hair care, styling, & colour brand Evo launches in Malaysia + Review on Day of Grace & Salty Dog

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

So this is a post long overdue. I have no excuse other than being a busy “diplowife” these past few weeks. My schedule is hardly manageable and my husband can attest to that. I shall write about what’s been happening lately in detail but before that, allow me to dedicate this post to  a hair care and colour brand that recently made its way to the Malaysian market.

Australia’s Evo has piqued my interest during their launch due to three things:

  1. Packaging

I have a thing for great packaging. While I tend to shy away from the cutesy (unless it’s a really good product) and prefer clean, classy, and smart ones.

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

I instantly fell in love with the clean white packaging, the witty product names, as well as the product descriptions that make you smile – not in a cheesy way. They are straight to the point but don’t fall short at all when it comes to humour.

They are also made from recycled materials so this brand gets another point for loving the environment. 😉

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

Hmm. “Twisted for life”? I think the curl range would suit me well.


Beauty + Video: Care and Styling for Naturally Curly Hair

I get asked about my hair a lot. So I figured I’ll just put everything in one video. Are the curls real? How do I style it? Did I ever consider straightening it?

Spoiler alert: I actually did. Once. And I’ll never do it again because I’ve grown to love my hair so much despite all the pressure shampoo commercials in Asia put on people like me! Haha! Also, have you guys seen how popular curling wands are nowadays? 😉

Most people with curly hair find themselves struggling with how to style it. I went through this when I was young and for a long while, I thought I have bad hair! Turns out, all I had to do was get to my curls better!

So without further ado, Allow me to share with you my current favourite products for my hair and all the ways I style and care for my mane!

Enjoy! 🙂

More later!



Beauty: Current bath time loves + Quick updates

Well, hello there everyone. First, just a short thank you for keeping up with me and reading this blog. Seriously. I didn’t really expect much of a turn out but apparently, people have been reading some of my posts and the feedback I’m getting is just heartwarming. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

Also, I just wanted to update you that I tried a new workout yesterday called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) at Impulse Studio in Bangsar. It’s one of the most intense workouts I’ve tried so far – it lasts for only 20 minutes and is already equal to 4 hours at a normal gym! So yeah, I’m pretty much sore today. But I’m loving the feeling and I can’t wait to go back! Too bad we’ll be out of town for two weeks (will tell you guys about this later on) so I’ll be missing some precious fitness time. But come early October, I’m gonna be back there again. Do check out their site to learn more about EMS and if you want to try it out for free, just mention my blog at the counter and they will give you a free trial. 😉

I’ll write more about the experience soon so watch out for that.

Anyhoo, off to today’s beauty post: I obsess over beauty and skin care as much as my husband obsesses over tech stuff and appliances. The way he reads reviews and researches about his future buys is practically the same method I apply for my beauty-related purchases. We’re not the type to splurge on stuff we really don’t think is worth it after all. To me, beauty is not just about putting on the right makeup or having a gorgeous haircut. You always have to start with clean skin and hair so everything starts from the bath – everyday.

While I don’t have the luxury of using the bath tub every single day, I make sure I have ample time to enjoy my showers. Getting to scrub every nook and cranny of my skin is actually invigorating, relaxing, and very satisfying – or am I just weird. I dunno. Tell me you’re with me on this. While I often get compliments for having clear skin and bouncy hair, I know for a fact that they won’t last unless I take good care of them. And before you use any other product on your skin and hair, it’s best to make sure that you’re really clean. I can’t imagine how a moisturiser or a hair serum (no matter how good they are) to work properly when there’s dust and dirt on you.

They just won’t be able to penetrate. So for this one, I just wanted to share my current favourite bath time buddies which I get from Sephora here in Malaysia. I’m a huge Sephora fan and I would always stop by at at least one store every time I visited family in Europe just to stock up on essentials that I don’t get in Manila. I love how almost everything I need can be bought under one roof – especially my bath time essentials like this little baby:

Sephora Fizzing Bath Cube – Peony (RM5, Php68.83, US1.55, EUR1.20)