Bellamonster-Lipstick-Color Blender-Velieve-Korean-Kbeauty-Korean Makeup-Makeup-Beauty

Happy Halloween, everybody! It’s one of my most favourite holidays. Costumes? Crazy makeup? Sign me up!

That’s why today’s quick post is going to be about a makeup set – something I know will be useful to a lot of people who are into changing their look for a night of fun! It doesn’t hurt either that the name of the product kinda fits today’s holiday too. ????

Bellamonster-Lipstick-Color Blender-Velieve-Korean-Kbeauty-Korean Makeup-Makeup-Beauty

I’ve always had a thing for lipsticks and even though I have a lot, I find myself wanting more colours. While browsing Althea recently, I found this baby in their Halloween collection.

The Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Color Blender Set contains six lippies that you can blend together to create different hues. It’s pretty fun, especially for people who are pretty artsy and love to get really creative with their makeup.

Bellamonster-Lipstick-Color Blender-Velieve-Korean-Kbeauty-Korean Makeup-Makeup-Beauty

Bellamonster-Lipstick-Color Blender-Velieve-Korean-Kbeauty-Korean Makeup-Makeup-Beauty

Yes, there is a black lip crayon right there. But don’t worry. It’s not too extreme that it will make you look like you had cyanide for breakfast. It’s a beautiful colour for toning down the brightness of the red, pink, and orange crayons, though!

Bellamonster-Lipstick-Color Blender-Velieve-Korean-Kbeauty-Korean Makeup-Makeup-Beauty

There’s also lilac which looks gorgeous when paired with pink and the white one for lightening up different shades.

The crayons are also versatile and you can use them on other parts of your face. Since everyone’s been into the whole pop art makeup look for the past couple of years, might I suggest using the white or red crayons for your dots as well? That is, if you’re going for that look.

As for me, I’m sticking with the basics – mixing and matching colours for my lips. Here are some of my favourites! Hope they’ll inspire you to go be a little more adventurous with your lip colours! ????????

From L-R: Pink, Pink + White, Pink + Lilac, Pink + Black

From L-R: Red, Red + White, Red + Black

From L-R: Orange, Orange + White, Orange + Lilac, Orange + Black

While you do get decent colour pay off, especially for the red, orange, and pink crayons, the colours are still easy to blend. It’s practically effortless due to the creamy texture of the crayons.

The only downside to the product is its ability to last on your lips. Since the colours are really creamy, they tend to transfer and fade easily so you will just have to reapply through the day.

You can order your own Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Color Blender Set at Althea Korea by clicking this link. For 13% off – storewide – during this spooky season, use the code HOWL13.

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