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Just dropping by to make a quick post about the HMS Belfast – one of the attractions in London we went to and really enjoyed!

It’s part of the UK’s Imperial War Museums (IWM). We visited 3 out of 5 during our trip and you can find the posts here:

I wasn’t really able to take a lot of photos inside the ship since I was busy trying not to fall into trap doors or make a wrong step while climbing up and down ladders. Note to self: The life of a sailor definitely isn’t for me. This, despite my obsession over the Navy’s gala uniform and how I would look in it.

HMS Belfast, Travel, London, UK,

The HMS Belfast is a decommissioned warship that’s moored by the Thames. It was originally part of Britain’s naval blockade against Germany and it even helped out during Operation Overlord. Pretty impressive resume right there.

The ship thankfully escaped scrapping and got its museum status in 1971. That’s why we’re able to learn through it – in a fun and interactive manner – today.

HMS Belfast, Travel, London, UK,

I knew I would have made quite the scruffy man.


The ship still feels like its crew were in it up until yesterday with most of the equipment and goods on board left as it were when the ship was still used regularly. Some rooms even have dummy crew.

The HMS Belfast is actually one of the largest ships in its fleet that it even has its own sick bay. There were even surgeons on board during its heyday. The infirmary is a must visit as well as their kitchens and mess halls. Of course, the engine rooms and the ones holding artillery were also quite interesting.


Aye aye, captain!

Ladies, leave your heels at home for this one. I was wearing flats and I still had to take extra care with the ladders. Going through the ship felt like a full body workout since Alvin and I wanted to see everything and we had to keep climbing up and down.

If you’re visiting with kids, make sure you watch them like a hawk. Babies and toddlers won’t do well in the ship so maybe just bring them along when they’re a bit older.



The deck is impressive is great for taking photos. On the day of our visit, there was a cruise ship anchored beside the Belfast and there were people on their balconies looking over the old warship. It’s kinda cute seeing that contrast.

If you get hungry on board, there’s the Walrus Café and there’s also a museum shop where you can get souvenirs.


You can find the HMS Belfast at: The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2JH

It’s open 10am – 6pm every day

Tickets are at GBP16 for adults and GBP 8 for kids

Entrance is free if you have the London Pass

More later!



*Trip is not sponsored by any country’s tourism department, company, or brand. Although almost all of our expenses were shouldered by my side of the family who want to see me more often. Thanks, fam!????

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