Month: February 2016

Beauty + Video: Strobing vs Contouring

Right before my husband and I left for Manila, my dear friend Samia and I shot another video together! This time, we took on strobing and contouring!

Check out which one loves which! And hopefully, this video may also be helpful to people trying to decide which of the two may be best for them for a certain makeup look!

Enjoy! <3

More later!




Expat Life: On Making Friends and the Struggle for Something of My Own

It’s always a lot harder to do this when you’re older, no? But let me back track a little.

When I first moved to KL with my husband, I would have to admit that while I was looking forward to our new adventure, I found myself feeling sad during the first few months. This is probably the first time I am ever talking about this. But I guess, it’s time.

I was in a different country with no friends, no job to keep me occupied, and nothing to do for the first few months except scour the internet for interior design inspirations and trying to nail down a ‘look’ for our new home. A job that I was even sharing with my husband who also has a passion for interior design and homeware. (A post on this later, I promise)

I won’t say I was homesick as I have always been very capable of adapting to a new place. I didn’t get the urge to hop on a plane back to Manila and I was hell bent on making it through whatever it was that I was feeling.

It’s the first few weeks or months where you have nothing to keep you busy that are the hardest. I was on my phone a lot – a lot more than usual – bugging my closest friends from home and egging them on to tell me about what’s been happening back home. I was in the mall a lot during office hours, window shopping by myself and thinking to myself – for the first time ever – that it would be nice to have a friend around.


Travel: Photo Diary of our Geneva Day Trip (From Paris)

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Hello, my loves. It feels so good to be finally over the Paris leg of the trip! It actually makes me feel that I’m getting over the backlog bit by bit.

I know the updates have been slow in this space (as well as the YouTube channel) but I’ve been so busy, there are days when I just don’t know where my day went. It’s bound to let up by the second week of March – hopefully.

For now, let me share with you some photos from our day-trip to Geneva last August. We took a high speed train from Paris to Geneva early in the morning. The TGV Lyria takes about 3 hours and 5 minutes from Gare de Lyon to Geneva’s Central Station.

Geneva, Travel, Europe, Summer, Summer 2015, Switzerland, TGV, Paris-Geneva Train, Eurail, Euro Rail, SNCF,


Geneva, Travel, Europe, Summer, Summer 2015, Switzerland,

Since it was still too early for my brain to function, I slept most of the way. But every time I opened my eyes in between naps, I was treated to a beautiful view. It is common knowledge that the French country side is gorgeous but that is quite an understatement and the photos I have here do not give it justice. My excuses would have to be we were moving too fast and that the glass keeps reflecting the train’s interior.

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The main reason for us making a side trip to Geneva is our friend Anne. She’s Alvin’s colleague from our Foreign Ministry and is currently assigned there. We missed her, obviously. 😉

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Art + Jewellery: Carrera Y Carrera’s Exquisite Pieces

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I know a lot of you out there are on the hunt for the perfect gift for your long-time special someone and I think I have just the right suggestions.

I actually have this gift-giving philosophy that I just want to share since we’re on the topic of romantic gifts. Personally, I don’t believe in giving extravagant presents at the start of a new relationship. (That’s why I said ‘long-time’ special someone earlier)

Gifts, I believe, should get better in time because they symbolise all the work and effort you’ve been putting in your relationship. During the beginning, it’s always sunshine and rainbows but as the years go by and once you get married, you will definitely encounter challenges making life harder and being together a challenge.

A friend of mine, who has been married a long time, recently said something along the lines of “People nowadays gush over hardships after one year anniversaries. I want to hear what they have to say on their 15th.”

To me, gifts aren’t about the price tag as well. It’s about what you can afford without breaking the bank and veering away from your priority expenses as well as the meaning that it comes with. BUT for long-time couples who can afford to splurge or for those that are celebrating special milestones this year, I think my recent visit to the Carrera Y Carrera store in Starhill Gallery might be interesting.

I was invited to check out their current collections. The Spanish jewellery brand has been here in Malaysia for a while now providing beautiful, handmade pieces.



Travel: Paris River Cruise + Travel and Saving Tips for Your Trip to Paris

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Finally on my last installment for Paris! Since I’m writing this in the middle of the night as I suffer from monthly lady pains, I’m just gonna make this a quickie post. Also, so I can proceed to writing about Geneva next. 😉

After our half-day trip to the Versailles, my husband and I quickly went back to the city to do some last minute shopping for souvenirs and sight seeing. We first dropped by the Palai Garnier which is the official home of the Paris Opera.


It’s definitely a grand building and a pleasure to look at. After exploring that area for a bit, we went straight to the Galeries Lafayette. Not to splurge or anything but to just stare and be in awe of the ceiling. Yes, we’re kinda weird. But just look at it!

Paris, Travel, France, River Cruise, Seine Cruise, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, City Cruise, Lafayette, Paris Shopping,

We walked around, getting lost in rows and rows of shops till it was almost sunset. We made our way back to the Eiffel Tower so we can catch a river cruise along the Seine. We wanted to do the cruise at the right moment to maximise what we could get out of it.

Normally, we wouldn’t make much effort just to join a cruise but since the ticket was included in our Paris Pass, we decided that it might be a good way to end our trip.


Beauty + Video: Physicians Formula arrives in Malaysia!

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So a lot of people here in KL got totally excited when it was announced that Physicians Formula is coming. I, myself included.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch and instead of posting about the event itself, I decided to do a first impressions video on some of the products they gave us!

That’s a lot more interesting, right?

Physicians Formula, Physicians Formula Malaysia, Review, Beauty Blogger, Makeup, Beauty
Samia and I during the launch! 😉

Before I jump right into it, just a quick background on the brand. Physicians Formula is an American brand founded by allergist Dr. Frank Crandall who created a unique line of cosmetics for his wife who had sensitive skin. Now that’s what you call love! 😉 Their products are known for being friendly to your skin as they don’t have parabens, fragrance, and other ingredients that could cause harm to your skin. They’re all hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists too. 😉

Here in Malaysia, you can get your Physicians Formula fix exclusively in Watsons stores. 😉

Check out the video below!