Hello, my loves. I’m back with another review and this time, it’s going to be about this product that I didn’t expect to fall in love with.

I’ve tried a lot of serums and creams that’s supposed to slow down the ageing process and I have to say that this is one of the products that I really loved. I’m going to share with you a video review on it but if you’d rather read about it for more details, you will find all the information after the jump!

When I was first approached by Beaunistry to review Osyean, I thought it was gonna be just like every product out there. The beauty industry does have companies that tend to oversell and under deliver. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got from it. Of course, no product is perfect. So you will have to read on till the end for my balanced review on this product. 🙂

But before we start, a little background on my skin. I’m aware that not all products work similarly for every person who tries it. There are many factors to this but I think the biggest one would have to be one’s skin type. Since it worked well for me, I guess I should tell you about my skin first.

I personally have dry skin that tends to be dull unless I am religious with the scrubbing and brightening products. I am also prone to sun damage. I think this product works really well with people who have a similar skin type to mine. (If you have oily/sensitive skin, do let me know how this product works for you! I’m very much interested!)

What is Osyean?

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So Osyean is basically a collagen supplement for your skin. The ageing process starts in our early 20s and most of us don’t really pay much attention to our skin unless we are experiencing problems with it. Since I rarely got pimples, I never really went beyond what I thought I needed for my skin during my early 20s. There were even times when I just didn’t bother with it.

When I got married Months before I got married, I started taking my skin care routine very seriously and have gotten the hang of it by the time I was a Mrs at the age of 24. I’m always on the lookout for great products that would work really well on my skin so when Beautynistry rang me for this review, I was quite interested to see what this product can offer.

During the meeting, I was told about Osyean and what it can do for me. The Pure Collagenoir extract inside Osyean is said to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten pigmentation and dark spots
  • Firm up sagging skin
  • Even up skin
  • Brighten skin

A lot of products out there promise to be an all-in-one as well and a lot have disappointed me in the past. However, that’s no reason not to keep my mind open. 😉

Osyean, Beautinistry, Beauty, Skincare, Collagen, Collagenoir, Anti Ageing, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Brighten Skin, Skin Sagging,

I was also informed on that day that Osyean contains only natural ingredients so there’s nothing harmful in it like parabens or toxins.

How it worked for me

After using it for 5 weeks, I can honestly say that Osyean really did well on my skin. I do have a bit of fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. One thing people should take note of is that once you have certain fine lines or wrinkles, it would actually take fillers to get rid of them. Topical products can only reduce them.

Osyean, Beautinistry, Beauty, Skincare, Collagen, Collagenoir, Anti Ageing, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Brighten Skin, Skin Sagging,
I use the capsule as a tiny basin to mix the nectar with the activator. You can also do it in your hands but my method prevents spillage.

Osyean did just that for my skin. It reduced the fine lines to the point that makeup doesn’t settle there anymore. It also brightened up my skin and evened out its tone and texture.

I can’t vouch for its powers against sagging skin as I (thankfully) have not come to that point in my life. However, I can tell you guys how well it did when it came to lightening some pigmentation (due to sun damage) happening on my nose and my upper cheek areas.

By the 2nd week of use, they really started to lighten up and some that were light to begin with, actually disappeared.

I also had a bit of a rare breakout while I was using Osyean. However, it wasn’t because of this product. My hormones were doing a bit of rebalancing (story on that maybe on a different post).

My ultimate problem with pimples is how they leave a dark spot on my skin after it heals and it takes WEEKS before that fades. I used Osyean while I was suffering from that breakout and my zits left my face peacefully – no dark spots. This was actually the part where I really fell in love with this product!

And lastly, I also brought it with me during our Japan trip. We were in Tokyo and Nikko during the winter and my skin was able to withstand the cold and remained bouncy and moisturised.

How to use Osyean

Once a week, you have to open one of the capsules where you will find the collagenoir nectar in and mix it with the collagenoir activator until it reaches a gel consistency. Apply that to your face. I would normally do this once a week thing on the day when I’m scheduled to use a face scrub. Just to make sure that my skin is ready for some full-on absorption.

Osyean, Beautinistry, Beauty, Skincare, Collagen, Collagenoir, Anti Ageing, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Brighten Skin, Skin Sagging,
Gel-like Consistency
Osyean, Beautinistry, Beauty, Skincare, Collagen, Collagenoir, Anti Ageing, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Brighten Skin, Skin Sagging,
Easily absorbed

On days in between your weekly routine, just use the collagenoir activator by itself on your face. Personally, I loved using the activator as a serum on ‘regular days’.

So what’s wrong with the product?

There’s always something, isn’t there? With Osyean, I found two minor things. One is that the once a week routine can be tedious for people like me who are extremely busy and have the attention span of a goldfish.

Mixing the nectar with the activator until it reaches a gel consistency can take a couple of minutes which isn’t so bad when you think about it. But of course, compared to just applying the activator, it does seem longer. The good news is that you only have to do the tedious bit once a week. On other days it takes just a few seconds to apply the activator.

It also absorbs super fast so you won’t really have a problem waiting around for that.

Another thing that might make people skeptical about Osyean at first is the price. A box will set you back at RM488. However, I would have to say that it really is worth it. And you all know how much of picky shopper I am. A box will last you a minimum of 5 weeks. I say minimum cos until now (and it’s been 2 weeks since I finished my last capsule), I still have some of the activator left and I’ve been using it as a serum.

Also, Osyean is currently having a Chinese New Year promo until the 22nd of February 2016. If you buy one box, your second one is at 50% off! I just love holiday promos and sales in Malaysia! 😉

Check it out at Osyean’s website!

So there. I hope this review has been helpful. I will be back again with another post soon!





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