Hey, my loves! Here’s a ‘preview’ video of our Japan trip. 😉

I decided to make this (affordable) haul video even though I’m still light years away from actually doing the Japan travel entries for the blog (thanks, backlog!) due to one reason:

The snacks we brought home are in grave danger. From my husband and I, actually. We’ve been eating like crazy! I even failed to mention the different variants of awesome bread and the Star Wars chocolate wafers we brought home. So before we consume everything, might as well just show you guys already. 😀

Do watch all the way till the end as I will be giving shopping tips – where to go for great but affordable finds!

Watch out for my new Sailor Moon collectibles! Yeah, yeah. Once a geek, always a geek. 😉


**Apologies if my makeup in the video is all sweaty and not so fresh. (My powder is creasing on my eyelid creases and my liquid lipstick is actually fading from my mouth’s inner corners! Hihi!) I filmed this after being out and about for hours under the sun and had no time to retouch! I figured you guys will still love me since this is more real anyways. Nobody’s perfect! 😉

You can find the list of products I mentioned after the jump!

Milk and White Chocolates
Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat
Bake Creamy Cheese
Rummy Wine Chocolate
Trufettes de France Marshmallows
KitKat Dark
KitKat (Unknown Flavour)
Pidite Finishing Powder (Disney)
Deja Vu Mascara and Nail Polish Set
Laduree Matte Rouge No. 05
Ladurée Pressed Cheek Colour No.
Miracle Romance Sailormoon Pencil Eyeliner (Moon Stick)
Miracle Romance Sailormoon Liquid Eyeliner (Spiral Heart Moon Rod)
Sailormoon Cosmic Heart Compact Evening Bag/Pouch (Which I will be using as a coin purse!)
Gachapon Haul
Pens from Sekaido
Hello Kitty Nail Clipper

Thanks for watching!



*Trip is not sponsored by any country’s tourism department, company, or brand. This trip was something we really saved up for. ????

0 comments on “Travel + Beauty + Food: Japan Haul (Plus Sailor Moon goodies!)”

  1. Haha, just love how you make your videos babe and the way you speak Japanese is just so cute! When we girls go to Japan it’s a definite shopping for cosmetics and i am glad you found the sailormoon eyeliner!
    If you do review it let me know, haven’t tried that brand before and the ones i bought on my last trip were for friends (tumpang beli) and not myself *sad*
    If I’m not mistaken it was pretty expensive too, was it on sale already when you went?

    • Aww. Thanks babe! Haha! I failed in finding the Sailor Moon powder though. I’ve tried it and so far, so good! Will definitely publish a review. <3 It's around RM60 after conversion during that time! Normally, I won't spend that much for eyeliner. But it's Sailor Moon! Hehe. And no discounts for it in any store! But a lot of other Japanese brands were on sale. Especially Kate.