Sharing with you guys the 3-minute makeup challenge my good friend Samia and I did recently.

Samia is an amazing makeup artist and is one of my closest friends here in Malaysia. I had an amazing time filming with her! Do check out her blog, Instagram, and Youtube channel! 😉

Now, here comes the video! Excuse my cursing – I did admit to you guys that I’m not as diplomatic as I should be on my free time 😉 – and my humungous hormonal zit brought about by a recent tiny change in my lifestyle (which I may be sharing with you guys soon!).



Here’s the link to the Bean Boozled Challenge we uploaded on Samia’s channel: CLICK!

Check out her channel by clicking here!

More later!



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  1. Aww Carol & Samia you guys are so cute & hilarious! xD I agree tho 10 minutes makeup is easier than 3 lol! Even I do my foundation & powder for 5 mins, so 3 mins is like only dabbing on the concealer and foundation part for me hahaha! >_<