Month: November 2015

Beauty + Video: Contouring & Highlighting using creamy stick concealers

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I finally got the time to film, edit, and upload a new video. Whew! This time, it’s about my contouring routine that I usually use for events.

Honestly, I don’t do this everyday as it does take up a lot of time. It might not look it, but there are days when I’m just to lazy to put some makeup on. However, when you know you’re going to a place where there will be photographers, well, a girl’s gotta do a bit of work. 😉

A lot of girls are scared of trying contouring. I was actually one of them before but it turns out, it’s actually quite fun and easy! And it’s not as if you’re altering your features. You can always contour just to define and show off your natural angles. 😉

Hope you find this helpful, my loves. :-*


Beauty: NARS opens KLCC branch + Audacious lipsticks Audrey & Brigitte swatches + Steven Klein Collection

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Last week, my friend Tammy and I attended NARS‘ opening in Suria KLCC. It’s their flagship store and I was really happy about going since

a) it’s a brand that never disappointed me (Orgasm and Laguna are cult favourites for a reason and they’re a combo I keep coming back to ever since I started using makeup)

and b) Suria KLCC is about a minute away from where we live. Easy peasy. 😉


Chocolates, champagne, a photobooth which we abused, an orchestra, and the launch of their Steven Klein collection. Not bad for a weeknight, right? 😉


Travel: (Paris Day 2) The Louvre + Tuileries Garden + Place de la Concorde

** It’s quite sad that this post (which has been sitting in my draft pile for over a week due to pending edits) was scheduled for posting in the wake of the senseless acts of violence in Paris. My heart goes to the victims and their families as well as those who perished in Beirut due to a similar incident.

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A visit to Paris won’t be complete without stopping by The Louvre. While the city does have a lot of museums, nothing compares to the Louvre when it comes to the number of historical artefacts it hosts. It sounds so basic to say that the Louvre has got to be one of my favourite museums in Europe – but it is. Tied with Rijksmuseum, to be honest.

A dream job of mine would be to work there and have a humungous employee discount at their souvenir shop. I’ll just buy all the books I want. 😀 😀

My last visit before this year was in January 2013 and I wrote a quick article for Rappler on some of my must-see pieces. You can find that article by clicking on this link: Visiting The Louvre. If you’re a first time visitor and would love to get a few tips in getting in and exploring the museum, I think that article can serve as a primer.

For this post, I won’t go into detail on the pieces anymore since I already did that in the Rappler article. This is going to be more of a photo diary from our recent visit in August.


Beauty: MAC Dark Side Lipstick (Holiday 2015 Magic of the Night) Review + Swatches

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I know, I know. I said I’ll post some things up that aren’t about beauty. But when I checked my beauty backlog, it was horrendously long and I knew I just had to do something about it. By that, I mean start posting the reviews.

I’m having a hard time writing and editing some posts that will go into the ‘Diplomatic Incidents’ category of this blog recently. You know how delicate some of the topics might be. But I’ll get to that soon. I promise. Right now, I’m having a bit of trouble with writer’s block.

So to cure that, I’m going for something lighter – a beauty post.

So I guess it’s no news by now how I was so giddy a couple of weeks ago over MAC’s Holiday collection for this year. They’ve got tons of beautiful pieces in the collection – from the Oh, Darling highlighter to a limited edition lipstick shade called Evening Rendezvous.

I usually go for the limited edition shades when new collections pop up. So of course, some friends were expecting that I’ll get Evening Rendezvous since it was the only limited edition shade while the rest of the lipsticks were permanent but instead, I went for Dark Side – a shade I always wanted but always forget to get.

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, Dark Side, Holiday 2015, Magic of the Night, Makeup, Beauty, Blogger, Review, Swatches

I guess it has something to do with my excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens or maybe just my never ending love for dark, bold, daring lips. Or maybe it’s the pretty packaging that makes the wait for me to get this shade worth it… Lots of reasons. If you’re new to the blog, you should know that even though I do love makeup, I often get told that I’m smart with my purchases. I do over think most of them, to be honest.

Also, I tried on Evening Rendezvous and took it for a walk around the mall before deciding. It’s a pretty colour but it fades so easily and not in a nice way. It only left a bit of colour on the outline of my lips making it look like I just decided to wear lipliner today and skipped the lipstick. What is this? The 80s?!

So there. Now that I have justified this purchase to my over thinking self, let’s move on to the review.


Foodie Adventures: Newens Teahouse at Starhill Gallery

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Tea is a part of my everyday life. Ever since I cured my coffee addiction, tea has been my everything – and while that may not sound like much of an improvement to some people, well, in my case… it kinda is. Even before the major shift to tea happened, I’ve been drinking it in lattes and during afternoon tea (and sometimes even high tea) as this a part of British culture that always had a special place in my girly-girl heart.

Newens, Newens Tea House, High Tea, Afternoon Tea, Kuala Lumpur, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. Diplomat's Wife, Starhill Gallery,

There’s just something about sitting with some of your best girls, talking about topics that range from politics to makeup while you sip on something that relaxes you as you treat yourself to a couple of sweets and sandwiches. Not to mention my love for fancy table settings, cutlery, and plates that actually play a big role in my ever so often afternoon tea excursions with friends.

Recently, my friend (and actually one of my fave afternoon tea buddies) Tammy brought me to Newens Teahouse in Starhill Gallery for a new menu item preview and we ended up seeing some of our other friends there – ShopGirl and Kelly❤️

Fancy tea places are kind of a fun splurge every-now-and-then for me and our last afternoon tea date at the Ritz-Carlton Lobby Lounge, left us thinking where we should go next.

Newens, Newens Tea House, High Tea, Afternoon Tea, Kuala Lumpur, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. Diplomat's Wife, Starhill Gallery,

Newens is the home of the original Maids of Honour tart. Its recipe dates back to the time of King Henry VIII and coincidentally, one of my favourite ladies in British history – Anne Boleyn. After the tussle with Catherine of Aragon that was followed by the creation of the Church of England, Anne married the King. She eventually had maids of honour (ladies in waiting) following her around and entertaining her in the ladies’ private chambers. One of these ladies created a tart so exquisitely delicious that Anne got the King to try it.

When the King tasted how good it was, he just knew that he couldn’t share it with others and he decided to have the lady imprisoned and only let out to bake for the Royal Court. Such a Henry VIII move if you ask me. *rolls eyes*

Newens, Newens Tea House, High Tea, Afternoon Tea, Kuala Lumpur, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. Diplomat's Wife, Starhill Gallery,

After the lady died, everyone thought that the recipe was forever lost but it resurfaced 200 years later when a palace cook leaked the recipe to a baker named John Billet. In 1850, one of Billet’s apprentices – John Newens – opened his own bakery and used the recipe.

Almost two centuries later, Newens Teahouse is still making the tarts based on that same recipe down to the T. And it has been loved by generations of British people from Winston Churchill to Queen Elizabeth II.

The recipe made its way out of the United Kingdom for the first time last year and landed in Kuala Lumpur – inside Starhill Gallery to be exact.

Newens, Newens Tea House, High Tea, Afternoon Tea, Kuala Lumpur, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. Diplomat's Wife, Starhill Gallery,

Sandwiched between Dior and Louis Vuitton, it’s hard to miss Newens. With its posh yet inviting couches and the sweet smell of tea and pastries wafting through the halls of the luxury mall. It can be quite intimidating to some but I find the servers are quite nice and welcoming.


Beauty + Video: October Favourites (Matrixyderm, Beauté FX, Dr Jart, Tarte, IOPE, Happy Skin, MAC, Star Wars!)

Hello, my dears! Sharing with you my October faves video consisting of skin care and beauty products as well as an app! 😉 Not really a techie but this app has got me head over heels. I think most of you might have already guessed what it is.

Also, allow me to just address three things before we go into the products. 😉

Hope you enjoyed it, my loves! Next post probably won’t be about beauty. I plan to write about a recent realisation I had over diplomatic life. Hope that will also interest you! 😉

Till then,