Hi everyone! Finally publishing this requested video which takes over 20 minutes. Crazy long, I know! But there’s just so much stuff to show you! So this is the video where I prove to you guys that shopping in Europe can be VERY affordable. 🙂 While I do have family there who heavily subsidised our trip and spoiled the hell out of us while we were there, the stuff I actually paid for didn’t leave my wallet in a sorry state. I missed Europe and all the things I can get there but I am proud to say that as always, I kept my head and didn’t go wild. Whew! (Always a struggle though if you’re into beauty products and clothes!)

Also, as a disclaimer, I didn’t include everything and even had to cut off a lot of parts just to keep it this short! I kept the most interesting bits, though. The home stuff, I’ll probably talk about them in another entry.

You can check the list of products I mentioned after the video if you don’t want to go through the whole ordeal. 😉 I also put them in order so you can easily forward through the video if you’re only interested in a few products!

A friend of mine who saw this video first before I uploaded it also asked why I didn’t get anything from Sephora during the trip. Answer: Because of the low Ringgit, everything is cheaper in Malaysia at the moment! So it would have been a disservice to my wallet and shopping skills if I shopped for makeup there that’s readily available in KL. 😀

Also, I was able to keep my hands off the Charlotte Tillbury and Tom Ford lipsticks that I wanted with the logic that if I pass on them now and just buy them when I have more savings, then, I will be able to buy more stuff in Boots! Haha! Crazy, I know. I’ve been taking extra freelance work lately as I’ve been saving up for the high end stuff that I want for my next trip – which may be coming sooner than I thought! 😉



Zara floral cropped top
Primark blue dress (link)
H&M turtleneck winter dress
Esprit Blue cardigan
Zara yellow floral cropped top
Only blazer in white
Zara cropped top with Japanese print
Zara off-shoulder floral top
Floral dress and belt from Primark
Gryffindor jacket (link)

Primark tan laser-cut flats (link)
Primark tan peep-toe sandals (link)
H&M lace-up flats (link)
Tommy Hilfiger blue suede flats

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Volume Mousse (link)
Schwarzkopf Got2B Too Sexy Big Volume Push Up Volumizing Hairspray (link)
Gliss Kur Hair Repair Total Repair 19 Ingredients Wonder Serum Spray (link)
Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 19 Ingredients Total Repair Anti-Klit Spray (link)
L’Oreal Curl Power Spray (Old packaging: link)

Soaps from Marseilles (Savon de Marseilles)
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum (link)
Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Eye Cream (link)
Rituals Himalaya scrub (link)
Rituals Honey Touch body cream (Bigger Size: link)

Sleek Blush Palette Santa Marina from the Nautical Collection (link)
No 7 Match Made Concealers (link)
Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner (link)
Maybelline Fit Me concealers (link)
Maybelline Age Rewind concealers (link)
HEMA Kohl Pencil in Brown (link)
HEMA Soft Eyeliner Pencil (link)
Pure Lip & Cheek cream tint

Harry Potter The Official Guide (link)
Love Letters of the Great War (link)

More later!



*Trip is not sponsored by any country’s tourism department, company, or brand but by my side of the family living in Europe.  Yep, even the shopping. I’m a baby. ????

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  1. wow!! what you’ve scored from zara were just wow!! all the items and stuff they’re all so cheap how cool was that?? I love the blush colors too!! Cant wait for your London posts 🙂 Thanks for sharing Carol. 😉