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Hi my loves! Since January, I’ve made the decision to be healthier by training regularly and burning all the food I eat (which is a lot, I admit). I tried Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training in Impulse Studio and I never looked back. 😉 I got so hooked, especially with the crazy-fast results and the fact that I only have to do 2 sessions a week for 20 minutes each.

I’ve been writing about my journey ever since and I’ve been so passionate about it that I cant help but tell you guys how awesome it’s been for me through this blog. I look fit and I’m actually stronger that I ever was before, thanks to to this training. I won’t babble too much about it anymore since I have written about this extensively in the past. However, I want to share some good news to my fellow clients at Impulse and lovers of EMS training here in Malaysia.

By sharing your success story to your family and friends, you might just win yourself an extra 10 sessions! All you have to do is talk about your progress and how the training is working out for you so far and share it on social media. Are your arms toned now just by going for a few sessions? Has it helped you over come stress?

Let our friends in Impulse Studio know about your success as well by using the hashtag #impulsing. They will be gathering your entries soon so do view the terms and conditions of the contest by clicking here.

If you haven’t tried EMS training yet, you still have a chance to join and experience the benefits it can give you. I felt the first changes in my body just after 3 sessions! You might just make it to the contest deadline. 😉

And if this hasn’t convinced you enough, I guess you should read more about why I fell in love with EMS training as well as the results that I got just after 12 sessions. You can also watch this video Impulse Studio recently put together where you can see me doing actual training – at my most unglamorous state ever! But don’t worry. It’s totally worth it! 😉

You can also watch this video at Impulse Studio’s blog. They have branches in Jalan Telawi 3 (Bangsar), Platinum Sentral (KL Sentral), and G Tower (KLCC) – and a couple more opening soon!

Hope to bump into you guys at the studio soon!



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  1. it’s no wonder you have a perfect body babe, you’re such an inspiration ahhh i need to pick up the workout clothes now.

  2. Wow nice body you’ve there !Hope they do have an outlet in PJ so i could visit them.this thing is rather interesting other than doing exercises in a usual gym room

  3. Looks interesting sport and it was my first time heard about this kind of sport!
    You still look great in the video no worries.