Month: June 2015

[PROMO CLOSED] Good to Know: Bloom This Flower Subscription Box (GET YOUR OWN FOR FREE with this special order code!)

Bloom This, Flower, Delivery, Florist, Flower Delivery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Penang, Delivery Service, Flowers, Peonies, Roses, Subscription Box, Flower Subscription I love flowers. I love buying them and I love receiving them. I love them looking pretty in a vase inside our home, brightening up the rooms and letting their sweet scent fill the air.

My grandma loves flowers so much that she has her own, small garden of orchids and other tropical flowers back in Manila. I think I got the flower-lovin bug from her. Though I must admit that patience isn’t one of my strongest suits so growing them on  my own and tending to them daily is something that might just never happen.

In Manila, I had a special relationship with my personal florist. Seeing as we’ve been friends since we were 15, I’ve been spoiled with flowers for a loooong time. (If you’re reading this – Hi Chuckay!)

Since moving here to Malaysia, my husband and I haven’t gotten around to getting flowers for the home even though we often say that we would. This is mainly because of two reasons: flowers are a bit pricey in the KLCC area and we just don’t know where to get nice ones.

Along came Bloom This, a company that offers luxury subscription boxes for flowers and delivers them right on to your doorstep! The moment I learned about this service from my friend Tammy (due to her post and Bloom This’ appearance at the Blogging 101 workshop that Tammy organised), I was over the moon.

The prices are so affordable and the flowers you get are the ones you’d actually like to be in your home – luxury flowers, as the company calls it. Just last week, I was the envy of my friends back in Manila, my mom, and a couple of other friends here in KL when they saw that I have peonies at home. That’s right! Peonies! <3 <3 (more…)

Foodie Adventures: Ippudo’s Limited Edition Ramen + Other Dishes (Available only from July-September 2015!)

Ah, Ippudo. The restaurant that launched a thousand #Foodstagrams when it opened in Manila. Of course, seeing the beloved Japanese ramen place when we moved here in KL gave me so much comfort!  I love Japanese food so much and ramen always counts as great comfort food! Especially on rainy afternoons here. 😉

Here in KL, I’ve also noticed that the restaurant industry is quite competitive so you see restaurants come and go while those who stay have one secret: Innovation (particularly on their menu). Of course, it came as no surprise that Ippudo isn’t one to be left behind when it comes to that.

Founded in Hakata, Japan by “Ramen King” Shigemi Kawahara, it’s been around since 1985 and up to this day, the company remains to be fuelled by innovation while staying true to Japanese tradition.

This July until September, the beloved ramen place is coming out with special, limited edition dishes to spice things up here in KL. I was lucky enough to attend a media preview for the new dishes and I’m going to share with you today what’s going to be available so you’ll know what to expect. 😉


Ippudo, Ramen, Ippudo Ramen, Japanese Food, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tokushima Ramen, Pavilion, KLCC, Restaurants, Where to Eat in KL

The star of the show and the culprit for my recent cravings. This dish is also the star of my recent dreams and has got me wishing for July to come faster. This ramen is composed of chicken and pork broth mixed with dark soy sauce. Its savoury soup is to die for while the noodles are oh-so perfectly cooked.

The ramen is served with a generous helping of pork belly slices (Butabara) which were simmered in onions fused with soy sauce, green onions, and bamboo shoots. The raw egg also makes the broth rich and much more flavourful. It’s my new favourite ramen! Rich, savoury, a bit salty, and slurp-worthy! And yes, slurping is highly encouraged in Ippudo to compliment the chef! 😉



Beauty + Events: A Day of Pampering with the Beauty Guide Tour 2015!

When we moved to Malaysia last year and finally got settled, I found myself thinking about how I miss Manila and my regular hangouts. The nail salon that has branches everywhere in Metro Manila – always so convenient for me to just drop by where I’m nearest to, anytime I’m in need of a manicure – my favourite waxing place, my go-to place for a massage, etc.

Oh, and how could I forget Oliver – the only person I trust when it comes to trimming my curls. (In case you’re in Manila, you can find him at Vivere Salon in Megamall)

A few weeks into moving here, I found myself with really long nails sporting chipped nail polish. A month later, I had dry hair and my curls were starting to become unruly. Oh, and don’t get me started on my need for waxing back then. Moving into a new country, starting from scratch, and trying out new things can be pretty exciting but when it comes to beauty-related services, I find it hard to take risks. I only want the best services as I cannot stand another waxing accident (more on that later) or a bad hair cut.

Along came Beauty Guide, a website that was brought to my attention by none other than my sister (all the way in Denmark!). A friend of hers recently put it up in Malaysia and was starting to make waves among beauty and personal care aficionados in the country.

Since I signed up late last year, I never had problems when it comes to where to go for any kind of service. I simply just click on what I want, where I want it, and voila – fail-safe recommendations! I love how I can review and also see what other Beauty Guide users are saying about the establishment as well.

Imagine my delight when I was recently invited for a Beauty Guide event where they took us around the city for a beauty day out. The best part? I got to do it with my friends. <3

The day started out at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Bangsar Village II. We had a little meet up and my friend Tammy found out early on  the best part of her goody bag:

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I approve of this! Haha! Kidding, la! 😉

Beauty Guide, Beauty Guide Malaysia, Beauty Guide Tour, #BeautyGuideTour2015, Strip Malaysia, Waxing, Strip Waxing, Bangsar, Mandara Spa, Massage, Sunway, WIP, Food, Foodie, Where to Eat, Bangsar Shopping Centre, ApronBay, ApronBay Nail Salon, Nail Salon Bangsar, Manicure, Pedicure
Off to start our day of pampering! But first, a #selfie with Arpita and Miriam! 😉


Foodie Advisory: Australian MasterChef Adam Liaw Makes His Food Truck Debut

Adam Liaw, Mission Foods, Food Truck, Wraps, Food Truck Klang Valley, Food Truck Kuala Lumpur, Wraps, Dinner, Lunch, Light Dinner, Light Lunch, Asian Fusion, MasterChef, MasterChef Australia, Laksa, Rendang, Prawns, Chicken, Lamb, Hummus, Kimchi, Beef,

It’s like everywhere I go these days, food trucks are all the rage. From Manila to Kuala Lumpur, the latest buzz among foodies usually involves where to find food trucks that sell awesome food for dirt-cheap prices.

Recently, I was invited to try out Australian MasterChef Adam Liaw’s creations for a new food truck that will be going around Kuala Lumpur starting this June. Of course, I had to say yes to the invitation. I love watching MasterChef every time I catch it on TV. The kiddie edition even features kids who can cook way better than me. And it’s always great to learn from people who know better – even though they’re not really chefs or might be over a decade younger than you. 😉

Adam is the winner of the Australian MasterChef season 2. He gained popularity due to his artistic ability when it comes to food and for his Asian fusion dishes.

He was recently commissioned by Mission Foods, one of the largest producers of corn flour and tortilla wraps to create a menu for the Mission-sponsored food truck.

Adam’s menu consists of the following:

Laksa Fried Chicken Wrap with Pineapple Salsa

Adam Liaw, Mission Foods, Food Truck, Wraps, Food Truck Klang Valley, Food Truck Kuala Lumpur, Wraps, Dinner, Lunch, Light Dinner, Light Lunch, Asian Fusion, MasterChef, MasterChef Australia, Laksa, Rendang, Prawns, Chicken, Lamb, Hummus, Kimchi, Beef,

My personal favourite! I thought this was going to be too spicy for me but it was actually very pleasant – both in taste and texture. Each piece of chicken is marinated with the special laksa paste that Adam developed and the fresh, pineapple salsa is just divine.


Fitness + In Photos: Impulse Studio is now in KL Sentral!

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Just thought I’d share the great news with you guys! The gym I go to, Impulse Studio, has opened a branch right in the middle of the city – which means it’s now nearer to where I live! Just a short monorail ride away.

Oh, and that means no more excuses for me when it comes to exercising. 😉

You can now do your Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS) training at Impulse Studio in Platinum Sentral, a building connected to the KL Sentral station. Yay for easy access! (Especially for people like me who can’t drive myself to places. Haha!)

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Travel: Cebu and Bohol for the 2nd Ambassador’s Tour

I’m an island girl through and through. I’ll always love the sand, the sea, and the all-year-round sun. Though we’re posted in Malaysia which is a tropical country with its own beaches, I must admit that I do miss the islands back home.

There’s just something about the Philippines that makes me want to go back and so I do grab any chance I get, mind you.

In early May, I was part of the 2nd Ambassador’s Tour hosted by – you guessed it – our embassy’s Ambassador. Following the success of the first one (held in 2014) wherein he brought 112 Malaysian tourists to Manila and its nearby provinces, the Philippine Embassy and our tourism representative here in Kuala Lumpur decided to bring even more people this year to Cebu and Bohol – two of the island provinces in central Philippines.

It’s quite easy to travel between islands these days in the Philippines with better ports and more ferries available. 😉

This time, the group was mixed with other expats. We even had quite a huge Thai delegation with us during the tour and a good number of Filipino expats who’ve been staying in Malaysia for 20 or so years.

I was lucky enough to be invited to join as a.) part of the embassy and b.) part of the media delegation. Being part of the embassy meant that I got to help our ambassador, our cultural attache, and our economic attache in bringing the humungous tour group from one place to another.

I also got the task of doing the PR for the whole trip. Side story: It’s a running joke nowadays that I’m the embassy’s publicist. But that’s cool since I do enjoy helping out by using my media experience. Better to get so busy than end up being rusty. 😉

It also meant that I helped in taking good care of the media whom I immediately bonded with during the trip.

We had a packed itinerary as there was so much to see in just 4 days. But we were determined to make it happen! And we did! Though it was hella tiring for us, there is really a sense of fulfilment when you get to do a bit of good for your country. (As cheesy as that sounds)

It’s a passion of mine to promote our islands to tourists and counter all the bad press we’ve been getting. There’s a certain charm to it, I tell you and you’ll see proof in the photos that I will be posting. 😉

So without further yapping (Notice how I tend to ramble? It’s the same when I’m talking IRL.), let me quickly go through some of the reasons why you should consider Cebu and Bohol for your next vacation! 😉


Cebu, Nalusuan Island, Philippines, Travel, Island, Marine Sanctuary, Beach, Bohol, Ambassador's Tour, Diplomat's Wife, Loboc River Cruise, Loboc River, Things to do in Cebu, Things to do in Bohol, Vitamin Sea, Avatar Accessories, Alegre Guitars, Ati-Atihan, Malaysia to Cebu,

This sounds so much like a hard sell but it’s actually true: The Philippines has some of the best beaches in the world. And I’m not just talking about Boracay. We’ve got island sanctuaries that are the farthest thing from the word ‘touristy’. Some of them can be found just a short boat ride from Cebu City.


Musings at 26 (and lots of #Throwback Instagram photos!)

I celebrated my 26th birthday two days ago and I just want to share with you guys a few musings I have on turning yet another year older. 😉


When I turned 21 a few years ago, I told myself that I would stop counting and just tell everyone that I’m 21 – FOREVER. Pun intended. 😉

However, I never truly stopped counting.