It’s just a few hours before we bid goodbye to 2014. My, my. How fast time flies.

The past year has been very good to Alvin and I. It was a year of firsts, adventures, and (good) changes that will affect our lives forever. And we couldn’t be any more thankful for all the blessings we got this year.

I am thankful for family. This year, I feel that even though Alvin and I moved to a different country, our families remain to be closer than ever. His parents visited us and my side of the family will also be visiting in the first quarter of 2015. We are happy to spend time with them here in KL – our ‘home’ for the next couple of years.

I am thankful for old friends and how technology makes distance irrelevant. Despite leaving Manila last June, I remain very close to my good friends. I see photos of my godchildren on Facebook so I won’t feel that they grew up too fast. My friends keep me in the loop of what’s happening to them and are always ready to hear about my day. I am also thankful that friends are actually willing to spend just to see us and make sure I don’t miss them too much. Right now, we have one of our favourite couples from Manila spending the New Year here and more of our friends are planning to come see us by mid-2015! Yay!

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I am thankful for the new friends we have made and look forward to making more this year!

I am thankful for opportunities that came my way and I am so excited for the things that will be coming this 2015. 😀 Some are already ironed out, while there are more on the pipeline. 🙂 There was a time when I thought that I might feel unproductive without an everyday, regular job. But really, that hasn’t happened the past 6 months and it looks like I will only get even busier. No complaints here! 😀

I am thankful that the powers that be have been good to us during our move and adjustments here in Malaysia. So far the posting has been nothing but pleasant and everybody at the embassy and the people we’ve met here have been nice to us. Finding a home, a car, and anything we needed here has been a breeze.

I am thankful for my husband for being the best he could be. Sweet (in his own, adorkable way), responsible, usually patient with my whims and crazy moments, and always caring. He always thinks of how to keep me smiling and comes up with trips and things to do (within the city and out) to keep my wanderlust in its A-game. Thank you for making me your priority and making me feel like a princess. Keep at it. This 2015 and the rest of all your years! Lol.

And lastly, I am thankful for you. Thank you for reading this blog of mine. I hope you get something out of my musing and the things that I share with you. I am loving every minute of writing here and I hope you’ll stay with me longer.

And with that, I shall end this quick blog post to go and celebrate with my husband and our friends. I hope you guys have a wonderful New Year!

More later.

Love, Carol