MAC, MAC Cosmetics, Heirloom Collection, Lipstick, Makeup, No Faux Pas, Limited Edition
Loving the packaging for MAC Cosmetics’ Heirloom Mix Collection! 🙂

The past couple of days haven’t been too busy. I have no excuse for not posting here other than me trying to get back into my not-so-daily grind a.k.a. scheduled activities which include writing here.

So before I get carried away talking about something else (like I always do), I will get to the subject of this blog entry – a new lipstick! I can only imagine my husband’s face right now and his slight amazement at how I can have so many tubes and still feel like I don’t have the particular colour I want to wear for a certain day. 😉

This was actually something I picked up a couple of weeks ago, while my in-laws were still here. MAC’s Holiday Collection called Heirloom Mix just came out and I was totally loving the packaging of their makeup sets and the colours of some of the lipsticks I saw online got me intrigued! They looked promising in photos!

When I got to the MAC store in Pavilion KL the first time, I left without swatching or buying anything as I already have Rebel (a permanent colour) and some of the colours were already quite close to those that I have. I even said that No Faux Pas just basically looks like Candy Yum Yum. But man, was I wrong.

I went back to the same store after a couple of days to buy a lipstick for our Cultural Attache at the embassy who was having a birthday (I got her a permanent shade called Speak Louder which she loved! Yay! Happy birthday, Ms Grace!) and as usual, I ended up chatting with one of the makeup artists. I told her I was kind of interested with No Faux Pas but seeing as it already had the ‘Sold Out’ sticker on its tester, I felt like it wasn’t meant to be. But then she told me that someone who had it reserved cancelled so they still had one last tube.

I took it as a sign and practically forced my money on to the cashier. I’m glad I did it. No Faux Pas is actually a great shade and a smart buy!

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, Lipstick, Heirloom Mix, No Faux Pas, Makeup, Lipstick,
No Faux Pas is a creamy hot pink with a matte finish.

Heirloom Mix lipsticks come in the sleek, signature black packaging of MAC Cosmetics – only sparklier. It’s quite a stand out on my lipstick rack, to be honest! 😉

As for the shade itself, it’s a vibrant hot pink labelled ‘matte’. It certainly has a matte finish but not the drying kind. It’s creamy and easy to apply. It’s got the tiniest bit of sheen to it unlike the Retro Matte Collection that looked and felt dry on the lips (I still love my All Fired Up despite the drying feeling though).

What I love about it is that it’s a wearable kind of hot pink unlike Candy Yum Yum which I admit, got old pretty fast. It was just too loud and costume-y and not suitable for daily wear.

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, Lipstick, Heirloom Mix, No Faux Pas, Makeup, Lipstick,
Don’t you just love that shade of vibrant pink? Totally reminds me of Barbie.

Before I had No Faux Pas, my go-to hot pink was usually Girl About Town which is a bit on the purplish side and has more shine so No Faux Pas is definitely a good colour to have at hand as replacement for it when I’m in the mood for something matte and bold yet still wearable even during the day.

Swatch with Flash:

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, Lipstick, Heirloom Mix, No Faux Pas, Makeup, Lipstick,
One swipe, two, and three.

It’s also a colour that’s great to build up. As you can see, it easily goes from your basic, matte hot pink to a bolder hue. Being creamy, it’s easy to apply and the colour builds up on your lips evenly even without lip conditioner or balm underneath.

Swatch without Flash:

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, Lipstick, Heirloom Mix, No Faux Pas, Makeup, Lipstick,
One swipe, two, and three.

My husband brought our camera with him to his work trip in Sabah (he’s gone ’till Sunday!) and I only started to wear this lippie yesterday! Good thing I already took photos of the lipstick before he left!

So I just took a photo me wearing it using my phone. Good thing the iPhone 6 Plus’ camera captures sharp images so it will still make for a good photo to show you how it looks when worn. Whew!

Btw, that’s a no filter photo. Our bedroom’s lights are warm but my dresser has a built in light source in cool white (I directed my face to it so you’ll see the colour properly) so when I put my makeup, it’s easier to see whether I’m actually fixing my pale skin or just making myself even more pale. Haha!

I went out for dinner that night and this is how it looked like at the restaurant after finishing a full meal:

No retouching happened that night. 😉 Like most lipsticks from MAC, No Faux Pas is quite long lasting. Even when I got home and finished brushing my teeth, it still left a good amount of colour on my lips.

The only thing I don’t like about this is that it’s a limited edition shade. But since it’s a matte hot pink, I’m pretty sure it would be easy to find a dupe for it. MAC’s Catharina actually looks rather similar, IMHO. 🙂

More later!