Penang’s 1st and only cat cafe can be found in Jalan Muntri, a street connected to the famous Love Lane (Lorong Love), George Town.

The last stop of yesterday’s walking tour of Penang’s capital, George Town was Purrfect Cat Cafe along Jalan Muntri. I’m putting this one up first so I can link to it once I do the full walking tour post. Oh, and because the cats deserve a post of their own. Don’t you think? I’ve always loved animals, sometimes more than most people. If you watch the news on a regular basis, you’ll probably get me why I feel like this.

My family in Manila owned dogs for as long as I can remember and in 2010, I also got a cat named Red. My grandparents and I (also my mother when she’s in Manila for a visit) spoil the hell out of him. He’s a diva, the queen of the household (I say ‘Queen’ because we strongly believe that he’s gay. There has been substantial evidence. And we basically love him more for it!), and the one with the most ‘tude in the household. Later on, my husband and I also got more dogs so his parents’ place and my grandparents’ are basically animal care institutions. Our pets are not just treated like family – they’re the babies. The favourites.

I was smiling from ear to ear upon entering this place. I was too excited.

So, it was ultimately heartbreaking when we moved to Malaysia and I found out that pets are not allowed in most buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Cats are sometimes tolerated but dogs are just a major no-no. When I read on a magazine a couple of months ago that there’s a Cat Cafe in Penang, I knew I just had to visit it. I miss having a furry friend around. 🙁 But I’ll stop yapping now and let you see the photos from yesterday and tell you a bit about the experience:

It’s a place for cat worship. Can’t you tell? While there are a couple of Penang street art souvenirs, the cats really do dominate the store. From t-shirts to keychains, to stuffed toys.
All shapes and sizes. And in varying colours too. 😉
Hmm. What are we having today?

I wasn’t really hungry at the time as it was only a little past three (I had lunch at around 1:30 in the afternoon) so I just ordered a drink. There’s a minimum charge of RM18 (Php246.23, EUR4.33, USD5.49) for you to be able to hang out upstairs where the cats are. I only noticed this later on when I had already paid RM15.20 (Php207.93, EUR3.65, USD4.64) for my Dark Chocolate Sunset, a little over RM2 short, but the cashier didn’t seem to mind as it was kind of a slow Monday. There were only two other tables that were occupied upstairs.

The menu. Can you see it? I hope it can be zoomed. But drinks are priced between RM12-15, exclusive of tax.
Get to know the kitties. There 8 in total but Snowy was at the Cafe Manager’s home while Nala and Marble were resting in an enclosed space.
Cats as famous people or famous people as cats? Celebricats? Can you recognise them? 😉
Love cats? Leave them a message here.
Follow the house rules! 😉 Shoes are to be left in an area behind the staircase that leads up to the cafe proper.
Oh, and remember… 😉 I’m pretty comforted by this idea.
You pay downstairs and surrender your receipt here at the coffee bar where they will make your drink for you.
Eating in peace. You can opt to eat by the coffee bar and just go into the cat play room after.

They own you.
Curious much?
Teddy here had quite a long day of… well, playing.
Bear seemed a bit shy at first.
Molly was the exact opposite. She wanted some of my drink! 😉
Yep, definitely a curious bunch.
This is Orange. She was sleeping soundly until this couple who came in pulled her out of her box then carried her to the chair. She was obviously pissed at these ‘annoying humans’. Lol.

Purrfect Cat Cafe’s House Rules: Wash your hands before playing with the cats (This is common sense. You might have touched something outside that might make them sick!) Do not disturb sleeping cats. You can take photos of them but don’t use flash. These royal highnesses don’t like it when we humans get in the way of their nap time. Do not touch the cats when they are eating their cat food. This might affect their eating habits. No flash photography. When they’re asleep or when they’re awake. You’ll scare the hairballs out of them! Do not feed them with your food. A cat’s diet is not similar to that of a human’s. They need more protein and sometimes, human food might make them sick. If they try to eat your food or drink from your coffee, do stop them. No pinching and no violence towards the cats, please. Again, common sense. Don’t get too rough with them when playing either! Do not bring out the cats from the cat zone. No matter how much they want to explore the other side of the cafe. Hygienic reasons. 😉 Please do not hold (I suppose they mean to carry or hug the cats) the cats. Most of the time, cats like to be left alone. Yeah, you can pet them but most of them don’t appreciate being carried around like babies. They’re too proud for that. 😉 They might end up scratching you! The couple that came in after me to the cat zone insisted on carrying them around. Couldn’t help myself from smirking when Teddy tried to scratch one of them. C’mon. The cat doesn’t like it. Stop badgering him. Tend to your children. Children can’t read the rules yet so parents should advise the kids about the rules. They might end up hurting the kitties who might scratch them. 🙁

“What’s this you’re drinking, human?”
Here’s Leo who’s not that big a fan of the chocolate drink but would like to have some water.
And this was me, tired from all the walking I did around George Town, begging Leo to take a selfie with me. But alas – Cats = 10, Carol = 0.

At a little past 4, I said goodbye to the cats. My husband’s conference ends at 5 and I had so much to tell him once I get back to the hotel.

On the way down, you’ll notice this sign. Seems legit.
I was too tempted to buy one of these cat ear headbands. But a.) they’re not age appropriate anymore and b.) I already did Catwoman for halloween years ago.
Cute lil keychains!

I bought two postcards featuring Orange and Leo to send to two of my friends. Won’t post a photo here to keep them as a surprise. Postcards at the Cat Cafe cost RM4 (Php54.66, EUR0.96, USD1.44). You can buy stamps at the Camera Museum beside the Cat Cafe and drop them off at the post box along the street. Purrfect Cat Cafe is located at 53 Jalan Muntri, George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It’s open daily from 11:00am up to 9:30pm. It’s a really great place to relax after a long day. Especially if you’ve been walking under the heat of the sun. It’s extremely relaxing to be around these kitties who love a good scratch at the back of their ears and neck. Super adorable! More later! Love, Carol

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  1. I’m more of a dog person myself, cats freak me outa little. I suppose it’s how stoic their expression can sometimes be, not to mention the lazy and quiet way they strut about; I can’t predict what they want or what they are going to do. Dogs are more expressive on the other hand.
    But would definitely like to meet your gay cat named Red. I’m sure he’s happy he has a family who understands his life choices. Tihee!

    • I think I might be too supportive sometimes that I end up matching him up with other peoples’ cats. I can imagine him rolling his eyes and going “Ugh, mom. Stop. You’re embarrassing me.” Hahaha! I love dogs too! <3 It's true that they're much more affectionate to their owners while cats… well, they practically own you so they tend to be the diva of the house. Which can be endearing. Haha!