Here’s a quick post while I wait for my homemade cheesecake to chill. 😉 Still from our anniversary weekend, I wanted to share with you a couple of photos from the Oriental Village and the Cable Car ride to the highest point in the island.

Short side story first: When I first told one of the people I knew back in college that my husband was going to be posted in Malaysia, her first reaction was “Aww. But there’s nothing to see there!” While I told her that my husband’s gonna be going out of the country for work and not just sightseeing (and Malaysia, a neighbour country, is a great assignment where my husband will be trained extensively by the amount and importance of work here and his extremely smart bosses), I could also have told her of all the islands we could visit here but I didn’t waste my time anymore because I knew was talking to a girl who wore heels for a sight seeing/shopping trip in Hong Kong and Taiwan so she was clearly an inexperienced traveller and not that well-read. 😉

So. One of the islands to visit in Malaysia is of course, Langkawi. To all my Filipino friends, it’s like their version of Coron+Boracay. Beaches, rivers, and a long list of attractions.

RELATED POST: Travel: Langkawi Island Pt. 1 (Getting to the Island + Sunset Dinner Cruise) We did  this on our second day at the island. We grabbed a cab to get to the Oriental Village where the entrance to the cable car ride was. The Oriental Village is actually a collection of shops, restaurants, spas, and mini attractions.

The Oriental Village entrance consists of two hanging bridges. Don’t worry, though. The water underneath is only up to your ankles. 😉
Hullo! This cute rabbit was in a fenced area of a bunny petting zoo! They’re all so adorable, I would have loved to stay and play for a bit but it was kind of gloomy that day and we were on a race against the rain.
The village itself looks like a park with a manmade lake in the middle. The shops in the village sell mostly souvenirs. Most of the restaurants offer Asian cuisine (duh) but there’s an Arabic and Western restaurant too.

We proceeded to fall in line at the cable car ticketing counter. We paid RM54 (Php739.86, EUR12.92, USD16.50) per person. We got combo tickets for the cable car ride and a 6D movie later on. But if you don’t have kids with you, I suggest you skip the 6D movie. It’s not that great to be honest. Graphics were so-so, the ‘movie’ was blah, and the effects were mediocre.

The cable car ride, however, is super worth it.
Hello there from the nerds! <3
The cable car ride in Langkawi offers an exquisite view of the forest. Oh, and it’s really high, by the way. So you better have someone with you to hold your hand in case you’re afraid of heights.
From your car, you can even see the Seven Wells Falls.
Have you tried the cable car ride in Ngong Ping in Hong Kong? Well, this one is a lot higher and way more steeper. I was having mini heart attacks as our car rode up to the mountain. You hardly feel it on the way up, though. Going back down is a different story.
We got off at the middle station to check out the view.
It was a bit misty/foggy that day. I think the fog was even laced with haze since forests are being burned again in nearby Indonesia. 🙁 It was a good thing we could still see the view. There was no smokey-smell you’d expect from haze. Didn’t break out into a rash either. The view shown here is that of the Oriental Village and a nearby beach.
From the viewing deck, you can see the last station of the cable car which isn’t too far away. Don’t spend most of your time at the middle station as the view is better on the last platform.
My husband and I were so eager to try the SkyBridge! However, it was closed for improvements during our visit and will reopen on February next year.
It’s not that scary at this point. 😉 It’s just the steep drop going to the middle station that made me so nervous!
At the last station, you’re gonna have to go up a couple more flights of stairs for the viewing deck.
There’s a small canteen prior to the top most part where families can enjoy snacks or ice cream if it’s not too cold.
While we were up at the top most viewing deck, it started to get dark. So we were really making haste in taking photos. Can you make out some of the small islands in the background?
See the fog getting thicker? It was starting to drizzle then. Eeep!
We boarded a cab right away and I was already getting a bit queasy as we were about to go through the steep part of the cable car ride. Good thing cable cars all over the world are almost always a bit slow and controlled. Whew!
Oh, and I was further saved from having a heart attack as we went down cos of this view from the window. Yep, can’t see a freakin’ thing cos of the fog. And the rain was starting to get really strong! The rain clears up the fog, supposedly – but not until it makes it super thick first! It looked like Dementors were to appear anytime! :S

I’ve been bugging my husband for the longest time to try out the fish spas in KL. Funny thing is I finally got him to do it in Langkawi and he liked it!

Fish Spa therapy at Anjung Spa.

The fish spa therapy costs only RM15 (Php205.77, EUR3.58, USD4.60) for 15 minutes. It’s a pretty relaxing experience after all the walking we did around the village and the viewing deck. Oh, and the fish did a great job when it comes to exfoliating. 😉 Even though it was a bit ticklish and weird at first, it becomes rather pleasant after a minute or two. 😀 Will post more things to do in Langkawi in the coming days. But for now, I have to get ready since we’re having people over after dinner for some coffee and cake. 😉 More later! Carol