My latest squeeze. MAC’s Nouvelle Vogue lipstick from The Matte Lip collection. <3

I AM IN LOVE! And no, this isn’t the anniversary high talking (though admittedly, it’s still there). This is the lipstick-crazy, MAC fanatic me taking over my whole persona. I know, I know. I’m known among my friends as the girl having way too many bold red lipsticks.

However, contrary to popular belief, I also wear different shades and own a lot of them actually. From pale nudes to electric pinks down to shocking purples. Okay, I think I have way too many lipsticks already but it’s my only vice. So let me have this one, okay? And I declare – on this day, 17th of October 2014 – that my favourite pink lipstick ever is MAC Cosmetics’ Nouvelle Vogue! As soon as I saw it on display, I knew – we were meant for each other.

Swatches under indoor lighting. I should practice on swatching. The colour-lines look weird. Haha!
Swatches under sunlight. And now this one’s blurry. Promise to practice swatching and taking swatch photos with one hand! 😀

Nouvelle Vogue comes from MAC’s new collection The Matte Lip – a collection of carefully selected matte shades to cater to the high demand for matte lipsticks nowadays because obviously, the trend that is matte lips is here to stay. (Called it years ago, ladies. Told ‘ya.) And though I occasionally try out Satin and Lustre shades, I’m a matte girl through and through. 😉

It’s a great everyday colour to brighten up your look even when you’re wearing very minimal makeup! In this photo, I’m only wearing moisturising sunblock (no tint), MAC Cosmetics’ Studio Fix Powder in NC25 (a shade darker than my skin tone because I’m too white!) and some Benetint – oh, and I also used Sephora’s Dark Brown eyebrow pencil for my brows. 😉

I’m a fan of matte lips and retro makeup looks so this collection was a total excitement for me. And though I am also in love with the other shades in the collection like Fashion Revival and Pander Me, it’s Nouvelle Vogue that gets all much of my love. Nouvelle Vogue is “Soft Blue Pink” shade that once applied has a bit of a satin sheen but after an hour, becomes completely matte on your lips. Personally, I think the subtle blue undertones of this pink shade is what makes it so gorgeous and after 6 hours of wearing it, it’s still as vibrant as the first time I swiped it. MAC, after all, is famous for having long-wear formula. 😉

A closer look. 🙂

It’s a very Barbie–meets–everyday-pink shade that you can wear with a casual day look – be it for the office or for coffee with your friends at a mall. I also love how creamy it is. It’s extremely easy to apply as it glides smoothly even without lip conditioner. And like most MAC Lipsticks, Nouvelle Vogue is very pigmented. One swipe leaves you with enough colour but building it up makes the shade even more rich and beautiful. My husband says that Nouvelle Vogue is very close to my natural lip colour – only matte – that’s why he likes it a lot as well. 😉 It looks like I’m gonna be using this colour a lot so I hope the MAC gods turns this into a permanent shade. Please, please, pretty please? MAC Lipsticks retail here in Kuala Lumpur for RM70 (Php961.60, EUR16.68, USD21.38). I’ve been a fan of MAC for as long as I can remember since I always get the value of what I’m paying for in their products. I don’t mind splurging on their stuff since I know I’ll be using them for quite a looong time. I hardly do touch-ups when I’m wearing MAC, to be honest. It lasts the whole day on me which – come to think of it – makes for savings in the long run. Here I go again justifying my beauty purchases. Haha! So. I won’t make this too long anymore as we’re about to have dinner. But if you’re a lover of matte lipsticks and you want a really pretty, wearable pink in your collection – then Nouvelle Vogue is perfect for you too. 😉 More later! Love, Carol

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