I’m still on an anniversary high despite the worst possible kind of flu I had to live with the past couple of days. I was at my worst last Tuesday but the good news is I’ve been feeling a lot better since yesterday due to my husband’s care. Still coughing and sneezing though.

So. Langkawi island. One of the top tourist spots here in Malaysia. My husband kept our anniversary weekend getaway a secret for weeks until the night we had to leave.

We had dinner at home, exchanged gifts, and left for the Puduraya Bus Station at 10:30pm. Our bus left at almost midnight (It was originally scheduled to leave at 11). My husband booked our tickets in advance through Easybook.

The journey via the Sri Maju bus was rather pleasant. It’s an executive coach that costs RM 90 (Php1235, EUR21.73, USD27.55) for two people to the Kuala Perlis Jetty. The seats were roomy and my legs did not feel tired at all because of the leg and foot rests the seats were equipped with. However, if you plan to take the same bus, do remember to bring a jacket as it can be very cold.

We arrived in Kuala Perlis a little past 7 in the morning and boarded a ferry to Langkawi at 8:15. The ferry ride took about hour and 15 minutes and we arrived in the Langkawi Jetty. It was pretty crowded despite October being part of their low-season.

The side entrance to Jetty is lined up with private cars and cabs that can be hired to take you to your hotel.

We got a cab to take us to our hotel. We were booked at Resorts World Langkawi which is quite far from the jetty as it’s situated in a bit of a private enclave (where it’s super less busy). Cabs in Langkawi don’t have meters but the good thing is that they all have fixed rates from point A to B all over the island (fare tables can be seen at the port and in hotels) so no haggling is needed. A cab from the jetty to Resorts World costs RM34 (Php466, EUR8.21, USD10.41).

Home for the next 3 days. <3
I love how the entrance to the hotel has two lengthy koi ponds on each side.

When booking a room at Resorts World Langkawi, it’s best to ask for a room with a beach view. The other side of the hotel is a forest so if you’re more into that, you can request that as well.

View from our balcony.

After checking in, my husband booked us for a sunset dinner cruise so we ordered lunch in our rooms, had a bit of rest from the long journey and freshened up for the late afternoon activity we’ve got scheduled.

We walked to the hotel’s Fun & Activity Centre where the group for the cruise is meeting up.
We were a bit early so we had a bit of time to kill.
We took photos along the hotel’s boardwalk. I love how they have their own lighthouse facing the bay. And yes, I am in an even shade of stark white all over – from head to toe – in case you haven’t noticed it before. Been trying to tan though. But it fizzles out as fast as I burn. Meh.
We also had time for ice cream. I love this photo of my husband, trying not to smile with ice cream in his mouth. Hee. Still cute, sweetie.
We were ask to take off our footwear and we boarded a small boat to take us to the bigger one anchored a little further down the bay.

On board the yacht, we were able to settle down and wait for the next batches of little boats to bring the other guests for the dinner cruise.

It was a bit humid but it got more comfy and a bit windy once the yacht started moving.
The view from the yacht was just ah-mazing.
The bay was so peaceful and the light was just right.
I like how the yacht company made sure it wouldn’t be too crowded in the boat. There were only around 15 guests so there was so much space for us to move around.
They served drinks as soon as we got on board. It was an open bar all night and I have to admit – I had one too many whiskey cokes.

Oh, and because some of my friends have been asking, the dress is from H&M. 😉 My mom got it for me a couple of years back. Makeup used: MAC’s True Love’s Kiss lipstick (limited edition), Sephora Eye Brow Pencil in Brown, Benefit’s Benetint, MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder in NC25. I’m an NC20 but I use powder that’s a shade darker because I’m super super white all over. Also, all those years of part-time modelling trained my face to go directly towards the light (If you did a bit of modelling or if you’re an ANTM fan, you’d know what I mean). And yep, no foundation for this one as Langkawi is so humid! I didn’t want anything that will weigh my face down. A clean look is achievable without foundation or concealer after all. 😉

It was a barbeque dinner and they started cooking at the back of the yacht a few minutes into the cruise. It smelled so good.

At one point the crew of the yacht dropped a huge net on the side of the yacht which people can use as a ‘jacuzzi’. People sat on it and drank beer/soda as the yacht made its way around the bay. My husband and I weren’t in the mood for salt water and wanted to save the swimming for Sunday morning so we didn’t give it a try.

However, Megumi, the Japanese girl in the photo told me that it was a really good experience. And just in case you’re not comfy drying up in the yacht and feeling icky afterwards cos of salt water, the yacht has a shower facility. So we’ll try it next time. 😉

Looks enjoyable. yes?

The buffet dinner was served at around 6:30 and the selection was anything but shabby. We were stuffed!

The satay and the peanut sauce it comes with were the bomb. Well, everything’s too good. Even the rendang!
And if you’re on a diet, there’s a good number of choices for you too. 😉
As the night progressed, the scenery became even more stunning.
A photo was in order. 😉
And another. And another. Forgive us. It was our anniversary weekend.
There was also a huge platter of fruits for desserts for everyone to enjoy but the drinks completely got my attention. 😉
It was starting to get dark around 8pm so the yacht made its way nearer to the port where the smaller boat will take us back to the docks.

By the time it was completely dark, we were back in the docks – stuffed and in my case, a bit buzzed (my husband is not a fan of alcohol but is fine with letting me get my drink on in the right occasions. 😉 ).

I highly recommend taking the Sunset Dinner Cruise in Langkawi. We booked through a company called Crystal Yacht at the lobby of Resorts World Langkawi. The Sunset Dinner Cruise costs RM280 (Php3836.48, EUR66.79, USD85.48) per person.

And here’s some good news. Remember The Entertainer? If you have the app on your phone or the book of coupons with you, you can avail of the Buy-One-Take-One offer on the Sunset Dinner Cruise! Pretty sweet deal, right?

Have you tried a cruise in Langkawi before? Let me know how it went for you! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or send an email. 😉

More later,

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  1. Hi! You are so pretty & your skin is so clear & even in colour! Sorry if you find me weird but I notice how white your underarms are in one of the pix in this post how do you keep them white? I’m Chinese-Malaysian & I have fair skin but my underarms are darker. TQ!

    • Hello, Ming! Your comment’s hardly weird as I’ve answered tougher ones before from other people. Haha! Though I do find it quite surprising! I never knew people noticed my underarms in a nice way. I felt kinda shy! Haha! To answer your question, I don’t use any whitening product on it (or elsewhere in my body for that matter since I’m actually trying to get a bit of colour on me – which is kinda hard). I do, however, exfoliate my underarms once a week to prevent ingrown hair and remove dead skin cells which may end up darkening my underarms. I also go for waxing or plucking out underarm hair instead of shaving them to further avoid ingrown hair. If you opt for waxing and plucking, make sure you don’t shower or get your underarms wet in the next 4 hours (or best to do it right before bed time so you don’t have to worry about it) so you won’t clog your pores there. 🙂 My policy is to just keep my skin clean and well taken care of at all times and that’s the reason why I think it’s even all over? But I’m no expert and this is just me talking about my own experience. Though I did hear from a friend who had the same problem as you that the Nivea Whitening Serum is pretty good. Let me know how it goes for you! And I hope I was able to help even just a bit! <3