One of the things I look forward to here in KL are the ASEAN Ladies’ Circle (ALC) coffee mornings. I’ve attended two so far: the one hosted by Vietnam last August and the one hosted by the Thai Embassy this September. I intended to write about the Vietnam coffee morning but I only had a few photos (I was such an excited newbie) from that one so I decided to proceed with the latest event ALC had.

Madame Korbhiat Kraichitti, the wife of the Thai Ambassador, was such a gracious host and the Thai ladies (both from the Embassy and the community in KL) obviously worked hard to put the event together which was a great success. We all went home knowing more about Thai culture than we did upon entering the Thai Embassy – all that while thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, shall I?

Love this veggie arrangement at the entrance. So inviting and reminiscent of one of Thailand’s best imports: Their cuisine!

Pearls from Thailand were also on sale at the event. Aren’t they beautiful?
There were also Thai delicacies, condiments, and some handicraft.
These scarves are just so adorable and warm. I was given one in light blue. 🙂
The pearls were indeed pretty.
Madame Korbhiat Kraichitti  and one of the active Filipina members of ALC and friends of the Philippine Embassy, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo.
Taste of Thailand.
A portrait of Thailand’s beloved monarch – KIng Bhumibol Adulyadej is at the embassy’s event hall.
We were treated to some traditional Thai dance. I love how graceful Thai dancers are. Their hand movements remind me of the Singkil – a dance performed by the Maranaos in the Philippines.
Madame Kraichitti gives a welcoming speech and even says her goodbye to the ALC as her husband is set to end their tour of duty in Malaysia this month. Her smiling face and warm aura will surely be missed at future ALC events.
Madame Mar Mar Kyaw (R), the wife of the Ambassador of Myanmar and also the head of ALC, and Madame Kraichitti exchange gifts.
Madame Ibu Ratna Andarwaty, the wife of the Indonesian Ambassador, also gives Madame Kraichitti a farewell gift.

It’s sad to see Madame Kraichitti go as during my first few ALC events, she was always so welcoming and sweet – not just to me, but to everyone in the group.

After the formalities, we were all given a chance to learn more about Thai Massages. More than just for relaxation, Thai massages are said to have healing properties when done to the body regularly.

There was a demonstration for the ALC members to see how Thai massage actually differs from other types of massages. It doesn’t use oil and is more on applying pressure on certain muscles on your body.
After the demonstration, we were all eager to try the Thai massage and relieve some tension from our upper bodies. It did not disappoint. We were led to an adjoining room where therapists from Thai Royal Massage and Thai Odyssey were waiting to give us 10-minute massages. The pressure was just right and I felt so relaxed after that I was ready to go for a nap. It was that good.
And what’s an event without some photo ops of the participants? 😉 Here’s a photo of the ALC patrons, alternate patrons for Singapore and the Philippines, and Princess Dr Becky Leogardo (seated) along with the Filipina members of the ALC (standing). I love how colourful this photo is because of our outfits. I especially like Madame Andarwaty’s green ensemble. Such a great pop of colour, don’t you think?
A photo with Puan Sri Sylvia Merican, a Filipina who generously lends her time and helps the Philippine Embassy in whichever way she can. She is such a sweet woman with great sense of style.
Filipina ladies always know how to have fun!

While waiting for lunch to be served at the Ambassador’s residence (which is just next door to the Embassy), we had the pleasure of trying Miang Kham as an appetiser.

You take one leaf and fill it in with the different ingredients available. Wrap it, then place the whole thing in your mouth. As soon as you take a bite, it’s like going to foodie heaven. It looks rather simple but it’s actually a burst of flavour in your mouth that your tastebuds will thank you for. A blend of shrimp paste, coconut, ginger, fresh bitter chaphlu leaves, peanuts, lime and chili (if you like it spicy).

I love the shrimp paste and how it enhanced the flavours of the ginger and shallots. We have something similar to it in the Philippines called bagoong which I love eating with green mangoes.

Thai food is just so colourful and fragrant that I often take my time admiring how it’s presented right before digging in. The taste rarely disappoints as well. The last time I was in Bangkok, I went on a major food trip along the streets of Pratunam and had so much food, I ended up overeating – without even breaking the bank. Street food in Thailand is always, ALWAYS a must.

The Thai Ambassador’s Residence (Dining Area). I’m a girly girl and I have a thing for table settings. Is that weird? I know I’m not the only one who obsesses over pretty cutlery and napkin folding.
We were served some hot and sour Tom Yum before we proceeded to the buffet. This soup was so good, I ended up having two helpings of it. It has a real spicy kick but the sourness evens it out, making it a delight for your tastebuds.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos of the buffet. I left my camera behind at the dining table and it’s kind of impossible to take photos when I’m using both my hands to get me some authentic Thai food. 😉 Aside from learning more about Thai dance and massage, I went home with a cleared up sinus thanks to the really spicy food. My tolerance for spice is kind of low but I am always willing to gulp more water just to experience Thai dishes with their unique flavour. 😉

The ladies from the Thai Embassy also gave us goodie bags that contained different Thai products but my favourite has got to be the Thai cooking manuals. I am looking forward to making my own Tom Yum soon!

More later!