I’m a huge fan of gelato. I always say that when it comes to gastronomic pleasures, we shouldn’t really mind shelling out money (as long as it’s within our means) and gelato, which admittedly is more expensive than regular ice cream, is counted as one of those pleasures in my book. After all, one of the main things we need to survive is food so might as well indulge every now and then, right? Just wanted to share my current favourite gelato place here in KL: Gelatomio. They serve Italian milk-based ice cream that’s 95% fat free while water-based flavours are at 99%. All their flavours come from natural ingredients with no preservatives. Knowing these makes me feel less guilty over indulging on dessert. 😉

Ok, photo’s a bit lopsided. Didn’t notice before the upload but you get the picture. Geddit? Haha. It’s kind of a huge kiosk in front of cotton on with it’s own seating area.

Over the last couple of weekends, my husband and I decided to sit around and eat some gelato after a loooong day of walking. We were out all day looking for more home decor and after dinner, we just had to get something sweet before finally heading home. So we went to the Gelatomio branch in Pavilion Mall.

It’s kind of hard to choose. But we’re basically a chocolate loving couple.

The husband and I ordered quite similar flavours. He got Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, and another variant of chocolate while I went for Nutella Hazelnut, Cookies and Creme, and Vanilla. And the best part about this is we only paid for one cup because of the Entertainer app! I just showed the app on my phone, entered my pin, then let the people from Gelatomio enter theirs, and voila! Buy 1, take 1 gelato single cups. Each cup has three scoops each and cost us around RM11 (Php 150, USD 3.44, EUR 2.66).

I gotta say that my fave among the flavours I got was the cookies and creme!

What I really love about Gelatomio their ice cream’s consistency. Just the right amount of creaminess to enhance the flavours. The servings are huge too so it was kind of hard for me to finish mine.

Extremely tired but happy due to some kind of sugar high. 😉
The husband enjoying his dessert.

Of course, my husband being the guy that he is didn’t really have a hard time with his. I also have sensitive teeth so I often wait for my ice cream (or any frozen food for that matter) to thaw and melt a little before eating. I’m looking forward to try their gelato smoothie next as I’ve heard that it’s the bomb. Dragging my husband back there as soon as he gets back from his conference. More later! Love, C

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