The Entertainer Malaysia and The Entertainer Travel

I love a good bargain. I mean, really. Who doesn’t? Personally, I get a kick out of buying something on a discount. I feel that the purchase (even if it’s pretty hasty/impulsive) is justified.

A couple of days ago, a new friend of mine introduced The Entertainer – Malaysia to me. And needless to say, I am thrilled by it and totally excited to start using it.

The Entertainer is basically a coupon book (good for one whole year) that lets you enjoy food, spa services, staying in hotels, fun activities, and a lot of other things in a certain area – buy 1, take 1. So let’s say my husband and I would want to try out a new steak restaurant, we’ll be ordering two steaks but will only be paying for one – it’s like dining out for the two of us is always on 50% off. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s great for people who love to eat out and enjoy some pampering! One thing I didn’t like about it though is that the coupons come in a thick book which might a bit of a hassle to lug around every time I’d go out here in KL. Good thing I was informed about the Entertainer app which contains all of the coupons in the book. All I have to do is show the coupon (on my phone’s screen) to the waiter upon receiving my check for the meal or the service I availed, enter my personal code then let the establishment’s people enter theirs. The app will then deduct the coupon from your “virtual” coupon book and your bill will be revised. It’s that simple and the app is available for phones running on iOs, Android, Windows, and Blackberry’s OS.

It’s pretty easy to set up your own account on the app and if you’re not set on shelling out for the full product, they’ll let you try it for free for two weeks.

i do go out a lot with the husband and some girl friends and I are planning to dine out or go for coffee this September. So the vouchers will come in pretty handy. Better to spread the love and savings among your friends, right?

The whole thing costs RM235 and promises you RM90,000 in 2-for1 savings. But it gets better. My friends would probably go “get out of here!” if I say that the spa discounts are not my most favourite things in the book. It’s actually this (the one on top):

Contains over 380 hotel vouchers

It’s no secret that my husband and I love to travel. From European cities to Asian beaches, we’re all game for it. And one of the biggest expenses when it comes to travelling is the hotel booking.  While my husband and I are also experienced when it comes to budget travel and we’re perfectly fine with booking a small hotel room which we will hardly stay in (we maximise our trips by going out all day, sightseeing and just going back to the hotel for a shower and some sleep), I’m not gonna lie to you guys – I still think luxury hotels can also be a good garnish on top of a trip but only if we can afford it without breaking the bank.

Our anniversary is coming up and we’ve been looking at places to visit in the Southeast Asia area or maybe just within Malaysia. And anniversaries are special after all so we’re willing to spend just a wee bit more (we’re thrifty bordering on being cheapskates – there, I said it) to make the celebration a bit more special.

Imagine staying at The Oberoi in Bali or the Intercontinental just here in KL for a staycation for half the price. Not bad, right? That falls under my “not breaking the bank” category and it will totally help us save on our anniversary expenses without settling on one of the usual hotels we will pick out when we’re just going on a normal holiday.

The travel edition of the Entertainer is included in the purchase of Entertainer Malaysia and helps you get buy one get one nights in different luxury hotels within the region.

Some of the hotel partners featured in the back.

The Asia and Indian Ocean edition includes offers in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Seychelles, and one of my dream destinations:

Though we’re not going there THIS anniversary just yet, it’s nice to know that when we finally decide to go, there’s a way to get a discount on one of those beautiful sea-side villas. 😀

The Entertainer is also available in Dubai and the Emirates, Jordan, Cape Town, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, Kuwait, Johannesburg, Lebanon, London, Bahrain, Oman, Cyprus, Jeddah, Qatar, Malaysia, Riyadh & E. Prov, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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