Photo wall! Strike an (awkward) pose! 😉

Last night, the husband and I attended the Vision KL Anniversary Party at Signature by the Hill (The Roof). It made me totally excited cos it meant that I can wear something that’s not too formal for a change. The husband was tasked to attend the party in place of the our Ambassador who had a prior commitment. So, yay! Lucky, lucky!

Vision KL is a popular magazine-slash-city guide here in Kuala Lumpur. They have over a million readers and has been around for 18 years.

I loved Signature by the Hill’s interior. It’s pretty chill with striking elements. Like this:

An LED-lighted tree. It changes colour every couple of seconds.

Wore something a little less formal for a night out in this chic place. The outfit is actually a repeat. The dress I wore is something I’ve had for 3 years and I’ve only worn it thrice. I’m a huge supporter of repeating outfits. After all, not everyone can afford to be like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton who practically get clothes like everyday. I just make it to a point to mix and match the shoes, the accessories, and make sure that I don’t wear my hair the same way as the last time I wore the same dress.

OOTD/OOTN? A little less formal. The Flash is a bit too strong on this one. 😉

Dress from H&M Denmark (a gift from my ultra-fashionable sister Desiree), shoes are also a repeat (they’re my wedding shoes – which I will probably keep wearing until they are all worn out), clutch from Kultura, earrings from Forever 21 (also a gift, this time from my friend Camille), watch from Casio (my favourite, classic/digital piece). The red band isn’t part of the outfit – you get it at the entrance and you’re asked to wear it all night then return it at the end of the event.

The venue is on top of a tall building in Petaling Jaya and the view is just ah-mazing. You can even see the KL skyline from a distance.

KL Skyline.
Downtown PJ.
Lots of applause for the Vision KL team for throwing a great party and for lasting almost 2 decades!

I was also pleasantly surprised last night. I bumped into Jeanne – who I am supposed to meet today for a chat on some exciting things I can do with this blog. Talk about fate!

What’s a party without cake?

Remember the red band I mentioned up there? Once you return it after the event, you get a gift – a stuffed teddy or Hello Kitty. Cute! Of course, my husband and I chose the bears. I’ve kind of outgrown Hello Kitty but bears are still adorable and would make fluffy guests in our home.

We were also given a printed copy of our photo at the photo wall. I love this photo of us. 🙂

Before leaving, Alvin and I checked out the helipad further up the building. Up there, there was yet another bar – Stratosphere.

It’s cosy and a lot more quiet than Signature. And the view is also great. A nice place to take photos if you ask me. 😉
There are also seats around the helipad so you can just relax and enjoy the view. Just be careful that you don’t fall off!

Hair: I was dying to try the faux-side shave hair style which I first saw being sported by Rihanna. Of course, I didn’t have the heart nor the commitment to actually shave the side of my head so I decided to fake it. I’m addicted to styling my hair (as much as I am addicted to makeup) and I learned a lot of my techniques from my hairstylist friend back in Manila, Mycke Arcano. He inspired to keep trying out different styles on my curls. This look in particular is rather easy. I just made a deep part on my hair then made a simple french braid on the side that I wanted to fake the shaved look. Make sure the french braid is thin and tight. Start from the back of your earlobe and keep braiding until the other side of your nape. Tuck it under the hair that you will keep loose and secure with bobby pins. You now have a sort of “base” for pinning the hair that you want to keep flat. After that, I combed the upper side of the “shaved” part and started pinning it by sections on the french braid. I also used some maximum strength hair spray to keep it in place. As for the loose side, I just used some leave on product for my curls for volume. (If you don’t have curly hair, using your curling iron and some setting spray will do the trick. Use some hair spray for volume as well).

Makeup used: Benefit 15-hour primer, MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid in NC 25, MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder NC 25, Benefit Benetint, The Balm Shady Lady Vol 2 eyeshadow palette, HEMA Eyeliner, Benefit Brow Zings, HEMA Brow Gel, MAC Cosmetics Alluring Aquatic Lipstick in Enchanted One, Make Up Factory High Shine Lipgloss in 35. And yes, I forgot to use mascara that night.

More later.